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Social Media Package


We will film, edit, and even upload video content for social media.

Social Media Video Examples

Our Method

Our goal is to create stunning videos that keep your current following and grow your following organically so that bring more loyal fans, customers, and followers. Along with creating engaging videos, we contact social media influencers who can bring more followers to your brand.


We see which type of video works for your brand by the process of elimination. We cycle through Trendy videos (latest content), Useful videos (how your brand can help the viewer), and Informational videos (telling the audience something they don't know) to see which videos get the best reaction from viewers. If you already have a social media team, we work with them to help upgrade your video.

The Process

1. Planning

You can give us your vision or we can create a rough outline with your brand in mind. Click the the link below to get started. We respond within 24 hours.

2. Lights,
Camera, Action

We send you images of actors, locations, and concepts to approve. Once approved, we agree to a film date, we come and record your special day.

3. Editing

We edit and put together a wonderful video to review. Please allow about 10 days after film date to receive your first edit. (Option for "Fast Edit" listed below)

4. Review

We will send you an edit for review in a file link. You let us know if there are any changes needed and we will make the changes in the next edit. You have 2 free revisions and additional edits are $100 per revision.

5. Time to celebrate

After the video is uploaded, we take a look at the analytics to see who's watching, We use the info to grow and create better engaging content for your next set of videos.


Social Media Package:
1 Videos

Cost: $2500

Package includes:

  • 1 short videos (10sec - 30sec) per month 

  • 1 model per month (2 hour film time)

  • 1 Filming set location setting per month (2 hour film time)

  • We can upload up to 3 apps

Social Media Package:
4 Videos

Cost: $5000

Package includes:

  • 4 short videos (10sec - 1 sec) per month 

  • 1 model per month (3 hour film time)

  • 1 Filming set location setting per month (3 hour film time)

  • We can upload up to 3 apps

Social Media Package:
8 Videos per month

Cost: $10000

Package includes:

  • 8 short videos (10sec - 30 sec) per month 

  • 2 models per month (3 hour film time each)

  • 2 Filming set location setting per month (3 hour film time each)

  • We can upload up to 3 apps


Additional Edit Revisions - $100 per revision

Additional edits to your video

Fast Edit - $150 per video

We can have your video edited in 1-3 days.

Camera Film time-
$100 per hour

Additional filming time

Storage Fee -
$50/per video

Mini Studio will back up your video and digital assets onto our digital cloud storage and hard drive to make sure that your videos stay around forever.

Cancellation Policy:

The client must cancel 48 hours prior to the film date in order to receive a refund. There is a cancellation fee of $100.

Terms and Conditions:

The client is responsible for shipping fees and the condition of any products to be filmed or used by Mini Studio. We will handle all products with care, but Mini Studio is not responsible for the destruction of any item. The client is legally responsible for any material given to Mini Studio, this includes but is not limited to, products, video, audio, music, logos, and photos. If the Client or the client's associates handle Mini Studio's film equipment, the client will be responsible for any damage to Mini Studio's equipment. All video links must be downloaded within 30 days of the final email. Unless the client pays a “Storage Fee”, the client has 30 days to download the video before the video is deleted from Mini Studio.

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