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Our goal is to be one of the best video production companies in Philadelphia.

We make the video production process easy and affordable.


Choose your video below


Product Display

Starting at $199.99

Great for: Showing your product on your websites, social media, storefront/road show video displays, and more.




Starting at $349.99

Great for: Showing how to use your product on your websites, social media, storefront/rode show video displays, and more.


3D Demonstration (low Poly)

Starting at $449.99

Great for: Showing how a product works whether it’s already up or just a concept.

2D Animator

Starting at $299.99

Great for: Short animation videos.


Presentation Videos

Starting at $249.99

Great for: Presentations, town meetings, speeches, live demonstrations, podcasts, etc.


Virtual Tour

Starting at $299.99

Great for: Real estate videos, hotel showings, and store openings.


Informative Videos

Starting at $349.99

Great for: Business awareness, updates, how-to/tutorials, digital resume, introductions, educational,  and about us videos.


Wedding Social Media Clip

Starting at $399.99

Great for: People who just want a great short video to share on social media with friends and family.


Event Videos (non-wedding)

Starting at $349.99

Great for: Grand openings, Celebrations, Work events/parties, and birthday parties.


On location Schedule

Please check out our film schedule below for availability before purchase. Also, please  book at least one week before film date.


Script Writing

Starting at $50

We can write your script

for you.



Operator Only

$99.99/per hour

1 Professional camera operator for $99 per hour.


Video Editor Only

$99.99/per hour

1 Professional video editor for $99 per hour for each edited video.


Storage Fee

$35/per video with assets

Mini Studio will back up your video and digital assets onto our digital cloud storage and harddrive to make sure that your videos stay around forever.


Upload Footage

$35/per video

We can upload your video to the website of your choice. Please note, Mini Studio will need permission from the client, with login info, in order to upload videos.


Contact us

Mini Studio, LLC
744 South Street #710
Philadelphia, PA 19147

info@MiniStudio.Video  |  Tel: 267 970 8997

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