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Camera Operator Only

1 Professional camera operator for $100 per hour.

Camera Operator Only

    • 1 Camera operator
    • 1 HD camera (Sony A7S II or simular)
    • 1 Camera Mic (Rode Mic or simular)
    • 1 Lavalier Mic
    • 1 Audio recorder (H4n or simular)
    • 1 Gimbal 
    • 1 Fluidhead Tripod
    • 3 LED lights
  • Client is responsible for shipping fees and condition of any products to be filmed or used by Mini Studio. We will handle all products with care, but Mini Studio is not responsible for the destruction of any item. For on-location videos, the client is responsible for the talent to be on time and the location. To receieve a refund for "In-House" and "Add-Ons", client must cancel 48 hours after purchase. For "On Location" videos, the client must cancel 48 hours prior to the film date in order to receive a refund. The is a cancellation fee of $50. The client is legally responsible for any material given to Mini Studio, this includes but not limited to, products, video, audio, music, logos, and photos. If Client or client's associates touch Mini Studio's film equipment, the client will be responsible for any damage to Mini Studio's equipment.

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